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p Pico (10 - 12)
p.a.m. Pulse amplitude modulation
p.r.f. Pulse repetition frequency
PA Public address
PA Poly Amide (Nylon)
PABX Private automatic branch exchange
PAL Phase alternation, line
PAL Phase Alternating Line
PAT Portable Appliance Tester
PBT Polybbutylene Terephthalate
PBX Private branch exchange
PC Poly Carbonate
pc piece
PCB Printed circuit board
pce piece
PCI Peripheral Component Interconnect
PCM Pulse code modulation
PCMCIA Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
PCP PolyChloroprene (Neoprene)
PCTFE Poly Chloro Tri Fluoro Ethylene
PCW Plain Copper Wire
Pd Palladium
PDF Portable Document Format
PE Polyethylene
pF Pico Farad
pF/m Pico Farad per metre
PG Panzerrohr Gewinde ( Conduit Thread )
pH Potential of Hydrogen
PICMG PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group
PIDG Pre-Insulated Diamond Grip
PLA Programmable logic array
PLC Programmable Logic Controller
PLL Phase locked loop
PMOS Positive channel metal oxide semiconductor
PNG Portable Network Graphics
PNP Positive, Negative, Positive (Transistor)
POS Point of Sale
PP Polypropylene
ppm Parts per Million
PPO Polyphenylene Oxide
PROM Programmable read only memory
PRT Platinum Resistance Thermometry
PS Polystyrene
PSI pounds per square inch
PSS Packet SwitchStream
PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network
PSU Power supply unit
Pt Platinum
Pt100 Platinum Resistance Temperature Probe
PTB Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt (German Test Agency)
PTC Positive Temperature Coefficient
PTFE Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene
PU Pickup
PUJT Programmable unijunction transistor
PUR Polyurethane
PVC Poly Vinyl Chloride
PVDF Poly Vinylidine Fluoride
PWM Pulse Width Modulation