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D Diode
d Drain of an f.e.t.
d.c. Direct current
D/A Digital to analogue
DAC Digital to analogue converter
daN Deca Newtons
DAP Di allyl Phthallate
dB Decibel
DCC Double cotton covered
DCE Data circuit-terminating equipment
DEC Digital Equipment Corporation
DEF STAN Defence Standard ( UK )
DEG Degrees
DES Data Encryption Standard
DF Direction finding
Dia. Diameter
DIL Dual-in-line
DIMM Dual In-line Memory Module
DIN Deutsche Industrie Norm
DIP Dual In-line Package
DMA Direct memory access
DMM Digital Multimeter
DOL Direct on Line
DPCO Double Pole Change-Over -contact arrangement
DPDT Double pole, double throw
dpi Dots per inch
DPM Digital Panel Meter
DPST Double pole, single throw
DTE Data terminal equipment
DTL Diode-transistor
DTMF Dual tone multi-frequency
DVM Digital Volt Meter
DX Long distance reception