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I Current
i.c. Integrated circuit
i.m.d. Intermodulation distortion
i.p.s. Inches per second
I/O Input / Output
i/p Input
I/P Current to Pressure converter
I²L (IIL) Integrated injection logic
IB Infinite baffle
ID Identity
IDC Insulation Displacement Connector
IDT Insulation Displacement Technology
IEC The International Electrotechnical Commission
IEE The Institution of Electrical Engineers (UK)
IEEE The Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (USA)
IF Intermediate frequency
IMQ Instituto Italiano del Marchio di Qualita
in inch (unit of Length )
in wg Inches Water Gauge
IP Ingress Protection ( IEC standard )
IPA Iso Propanol Alcohol
ISA Industry Standard Architecture
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network
ISO International Standardisation Organisation
ITU International Telecommunications Union